Friday, February 3, 2012

We are expanding!

If you have stopped by Child’s Play at 5536 Connecticut Ave. Washington DC anytime in the last few weeks you might have noticed something has changed. 

We are expanding!  Potomac Video has consolidated their store to the downstairs’ space.  We have pulled down the wall that used to separate the spaces.  The increased light and space is amazing! Both parents and children have stood in awe as they stare at the changes.  We have not expanded our physical footprint since 1993 and a whole generation of children have played, grown up and become adults during the passing years.

We are also expanding online.  We are becoming more in tune with the wider social media world.  We will have this blog hosted by Regina Holliday, long time employee, art teacher and health advocate.  We can also be followed on twitter or facebook.

And as always we are honored to have the privilege to expand the minds of all the local children who consider Child’s Play their home away from home.

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